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we can stop
the University
from doing something rash
 and unforgivable


Our university is touted as one of the nationís top 100 higher level universities and as a backpack school. It has more Asian and Asian American entering freshmen than any other race. Yet the higher-ups of the university decided that ruining the bastion for Asian culture on campus by erecting six story dorms directly behind it is perfectly acceptable. I speak of the Charles B. Wang Center, whose bright silvery pagoda stands proud as one of the universityís major sights but which could soon be lost forever.

What is there to be to be angry about? Allow me to explain. The Wang Center was built with the surroundings taken into account by the architect. In that respect, the lots the Wang Center was built on, the trees behind the Wang Center garden, and the road in front of the Wang Center, would be the figurative canvas for the architect. By cutting down the trees behind the Wang Center and replacing them with literal walls of brick six stories high, the University is changing the canvas and thus changing the entire work into something different.

But weíre not all artists or think like artists, so why should everyone else care? Because the twelve white people who made this decision never consulted with the campus community about the new dorms. Because if we let this pass then we are saying that we donít care what happens to us; that weíll gladly accept whatever the University pushes on us no matter how bad or stupid it is.

The Wang Center was supposed to be the point where all people interested in Asian culture could convene. For Asian students it was supposed to be even more - a "home away from home". Except nowadays students only go there for food and the paid shows they put on with outside performers. For the 10th anniversary they finally put water back in the pond, but no tables, chairs, koi or lotus. Except none of that really does much to promote community.


As students, we barely get to use the Wang Center. Some organizations don't even realize they're allowed to (after they jump through a lot of hoops and whistles) since its not on the Student Activities club booking form. A rare event here or there is the most student leaders even know about. When China Blue got to use the theatre because of an emergency this year, they were congratulated for getting the Wang Center to do something positive for a student club.


We canít just accept the loss of the Wang Center pagoda tower and move on. We can't just accept the loss of the oasis the Wang Center garden is and move on. This building was for us, and we should have some say about it. But this is not something that I alone can do either, and that is why I ask of you, the campus community, to stand beside me and help me preserve the Wang Center. Together we can stop the university from doing something rash and unforgivable, all the while reminding them that they cannot just ignore us.


Wilson Jiang





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