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SBU Associate Dean of Admissions...

  Beijing L-R:
WANG Shanshan,
ZHANG Jingyan,
LIU Xinhua,
LOU Xiaohang,
CHEN Jiuhua,
HAN Xuemei,
WANG Zunhui, her
XU Jiaqi, &
HE Yibing

Hmmm... unusual... Beijing alumni... all women, one guy.
Shanghai alumni... all guys, one woman.

ZHANG Yongchun,
XU Guoqun,
CHEN Jiuhua,
GU Yong,
WU Haitao,
LI Guiwen

Meets Beijing & Shanghai Alumni
- with More to Come

Dean Jiuhua Chen had his first opportunity to meet with members of the recently formed SB China Alumni on Friday evening, October 17th, in Beijing, and Sunday evening October 22nd, in Shanghai. As he continues his travels throughout China, he will hook up with more alumni in Nanjing and Chengdu, and another dinner is planned for Guangzhou on October 27th.

Unlike the summer reunions planned by members of China V, the last group to come to SB via the CEAS Advanced Information Management Program sponsored by Charles Wang, these dinners are also bringing in members of China I - IV too. Co-Chair WANG Shanshan has contacted everyone she could find and the group has grown from the 28 members of China V to almost 70. And special thanks goes to MAI Zhiwen from China IV who went out of his way to get all the contact info possible for his group.


Although the weather in Shanghai was rainy and visibility almost nil, Co-Chair GU Yong attempted to give Dean Chen a Shanghai tour before they gave up and settled for traditional afternoon tea and pastries in the Grand Hyatt in the Jin Mao Tower, China's tallest building and famous for its spiral atrium, one of the tallest in the world at 152 meters or 34 floors.


And for dinner, the Shanghai AIMP alumni who met with Chen were an impressive bunch. Though the terms are not used in America, General Manager and Vice General Manager equate to our CEOs, COOs, CFOs, VPs, CIOs, etc. The seven pictured above were all Executive General Managers of some sort. 

Dean Chen brought along t-shirts from the Office of Admissions as gifts for the alumni and they wore them for the group shots above. He will be working with them to increase the number of international students at Stony Brook. SBU even has its own admissions page in Chinese so parents can better understand where their child wants to go.

Check out the always being updated SB China Alumni website,, with its link to the SBU Alumni Association Affinity Group site, individual photos of SB China Alumni and an album of SB China Alumni Events, and the SB China Yahoo Group for those in China.


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