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Wang Ge


Oriental Scientific Instrument Corp

One of China's Largest Import/Export Companies
Headquartered in Beijing with 31 branch corporations
including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dalian, Qingdao
and Zhejiang, and solely-owned or joint ventures
in the United States, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

OSIC'S revenues in 2009 were
4.5 billion RMB or $660 million USD.

In December 2009 the Board of Directors of OSIC (Oriental Scientific Instrument Import/Export Group Corp) appointed SBU alumnus WANG Ge as President.

Wang Ge was a member of AIMP - Advanced Information Management Program, a special graduate program in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (CEAS) funded by Charles Wang and Computer Associates in the mid-90's. One hundred of China's best and brightest up and coming IT professionals were selected after rigorous testing to take part in AIMP. Wang Ge was in the second group to come, known among its members and CEAS as China II.

Those up and coming kept going up - becoming CEO's, CIO's and Board members, some directly in China's SOE's, or State Owned Enterprises, some indirectly as the entrepreneurs who have made China the world's 2nd largest trading economy.

AIMP alumni formed the backbone of SB's China Alumni Chapter. After reunions with members of the University community in China, they learned the value of alumni networking and now have reunions with and without visitors to China from campus.  


Founded in 1980, the Oriental Scientific Instrument Import & Export (Group) Corp. (OSIC) is one of the largest professional foreign trade group companies in China. Originally the import/export arm of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), in 2001 it was partially privatized with employee ownership.

Relying on its team of high-quality professional talents, its high business credit, and the remarkable advantages of the CAS in technology, OSIC has carried out trades and technical cooperation with many famous scientific instrument manufacturers, trading companies, high-tech enterprises and research institutions from all over the world.

OSIC handles economic and technical trade between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and foreign countries; procures instruments and equipment, including
remote sensing satellite ground stations, remote sensing aircraft, molecular beam epitaxy equipment, electron microscopes, mass spectrometers, and computer equipment for CAS institutes, state key laboratories, research engineering centers and high-tech projects; imports apparatus, mechanical equipment and devices, chemical reagents, materials and tools used in scientific research; and exports high-tech instruments and mechanical equipment and devices.

OSIC integrates product import and export, product sales as an agent, bidding service, distribution, customs clearance, consignment sales, the setting-up of foreign instrument maintenance service stations and bonded warehouses as well as the R&D, manufacture and sales of high-tech products into a whole. In recent years, through vigorously developing computer network and e-commerce, OSIC has built up an advanced ERP system which provides a powerful managerial and technical guarantee for OSIC's customer service system.

by Ja Young
Alumni Editor


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