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Stony Brook
Summer Camp
Lets  Int'l
High School
Check Us and
the U.S. Out

This July high school students age 15 and above will come to campus from around the world for a special two week pilot program - Explore Stony Brook. An international summer camp, it will give students a taste of college life plus a whole lot more!

The camp will include everything to make both students and their parents happy. It begins with safety - students are picked up at the airport and brought back to the airport - which doesn't seem like a big deal but is actually important for everyone. Current international students say it was such a relief to see the Stony Brook t-shirts and sweatshirts on University staff when they arrived at the chaos of JFK airport when they came as freshmen.

Then comes life in college dorms and that means a lot more fun and freedom than high school students are used to having, even at private schools. But for parents, it's also knowing they are secure dorms with special student RA's. And it means American dorm food. LOL! Now that will definitely be a new experience!

The two weeks will be filled with everything imaginable from the super serious - doing an experiment with a scientist to see what a real college lab is like - to fun - going to the beach to play in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean - to cultural - a Broadway play and Met Museum - to sightseeing - the real capital (NYC) and the government capital (DC) - to the practical - intense ESL classes to see how ready they are for university courses - to taking them through the common app and writing a college essay in case they want to come back for a real college experience!

Explore Stony Brook is the brainchild of the Associate Dean of International Admissions Dr. Yu-wan Wang. She has spent the past year carefully putting all the pieces together and guiding the concept through the University approval process. And when the first 25 students are found, she has the brains and stamina to make it work. As a member of the Class of '77, she scored so highly on the gaokow, China's national college entrance exam, that she was among only 4.7% of test takers granted admission after the Cultural Revolution. For the previous ten years all universities had been shut down and the test had not been offered. It was given again the year after Mao died and the Gang of 4 imprisoned. Although it took many years and three countries (China, Taiwan, US) to get her PhD while also becoming a wife, mother, and Fulbright Scholar - her goal now is to make Stony Brook University a preferred choice for international students.

Check it all out at the links below and spread the word. Stony Brook needs 25 students to make this pilot program go - and then 25 happy students leaving to make it a success that will happen again every year.

Explore Stony Brook website

Explore Stony Brook application - Deadline May 1, 2011

Explore Stony Brook brochure:


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