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KSA Gala 2014

photo journal by Samantha Chan
with additional photos/albums by Eric Leung

  KSA, the Korean Student Association, sold out its annual semi-formal gala on Saturday, November 8th, in SAC Ballroom A, co-sponsored by CASB, the Chinese Association at Stony Brook, with support from the Weekend Life Council.

Click on each photo to expand to full size. 
A sell-out crowd enjoyed an evening of authentic Korean food, and not even on paper plates... it included what to non-Koreans looks like sushi but is gimbap, or kimbap, made from steamed white rice and rolled in sheets of dried seaweed like sushi, but filled with all cooked food and heartier fare like beef, fried eggs, or fish, and served with damuji (spicy radish) or kimchi...   

  'mixed drinks' from CASB at a mocktail bar...
  the girls all dressed to impress as did many of the guys, but although semi-formal dress was supposed to be de rigueur, you can't ask for miracles from the testosterone side...
the audience was
entertained by
Stony Brook's own
Tae Kwon Do Club

Photo by Eric Leung


vocalist / guitarist
Brian Ryu

  singer Elise Espinosa
accompanied by
pianist ???...
KSA Cabinet's very own Secretary Sharon Park and PR/Historian
Noah Kim...

an open dance floor with special guests DJ's Chulwah Hwang and Seungkyu Lee spinning tracks through the whole event.

Photo by Eric Leung
  and there was even a free photobooth...

A round of applause to the KSA Cabinet for a very successful event!
President James Kho, Vice President Joshua Kim
Secretary Sharon Park, Treasurer Joshua Kim
PR/Historians Tommy Ketavanan and Noah Kim
Event Coordinators David Lee & Jeffrey Kim
Reps: Sora Chenet, Joanne Cheong, Past Prez Danny Chung, Sally Hwangbo
Mina Jin, Austin Kim, Diana Kim, Haewon Kim, Julie Kim, Karen Lee
Jennifer Moy, Chris Oh, Grace Se, John Won, Jenni Yang, Robin Yang

Check out lots more photos at...

Album by Eric Leung: KSA Gala 2014 

Album by Eric Leung: SB Tae Kwon Do at KSA Gala 2014

Album by Sammy Chan: KSA Gala 2014





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