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April 2015
Update 5/2

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a 'trade agreement' of sorts (5 chapters on trade, 29 not) that has been negotiated in secret. The American people have never seen what is in it. Even members of Congress are legally not allowed to discuss it publicly.

Now President Obama wants Congress to "fast track" it and pass it quickly. That means without you knowing what is in it except what Wikileaks has leaked, there will simply be a yes or no vote. No amendments will be allowed. All it will take is a few sell-out Democrats who are beholden to corporate donors to side with the Republicans for this disastrous pact to pass. 

The fight so many of us took on for net neutrality and against SOPA will have been in vain - and that is the least of the problems in the treaty. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown wrote an open letter to President Obama asking that the treaty be allowed to be viewed by the public before it is voted on. It is reproduced below.

After you have read it, please at least sign the petition to end Fast Track. Then after reading the leaked provisions, if you are as incensed as you should be, sign the petition asking your Senator and Congressperson to vote against the TPP, or better yet, call them.

Here is just a sampling of its provisions:
1) Allows foreign companies to sue the US government - this is not even allowed by US companies - if our standards - like environmental regulations - would decrease their "future expected profits". The US could be sued for instituting clean energy policies that would harm the fossil fuel industry.
2) Internet service providers would be required to watch your internet activity and report use of copyrighted material. SOPA failed to pass in Congress so this is a back door way to get it passed. Simply on suspicion, without a court order, a site could be shut down. 
3) Big Pharma's patents on drugs would be extended making it take much longer before generics could be made.
4) Obama admits it will mean a dramatic loss of jobs in some industries and will ask Congress for an appropriation to try to help those displaced.

Ja Young
Alumni Editor




Click here for an easily readable PDF of
Senators Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown's Letter to President Obama petition
Senator Elizabeth Warren's petition

Senator Bernie Sanders petition petition

MoveOn petition

Do a search using 'petition stop fast track TPP' to find many, many more



A sampling of some of the articles and reports about TPP - in alpha order, not in order of importance - and a Google news search will turn up 55,100 more.

Nine Things You Might Want to Know About the Massive Pacific Trade Deal

NPR - Democracy Now - "A Corporate Trojan Horse" - video

Public Citizen Analysis of Leaked Trans-Pacific Partnership Investment Text

Thom Hartmann on TPP - video

TPP - The Dirtiest Deal You've Never Heard Of - video

Wikileaks Full Text of the Secret TPP Investment Chapter






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