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Diwali Stony Brook 2015
Here's What You'll Be Missing!





by May Hao Wang
November 2015


On Saturday, Nov 7th, 2015, Diwali Stony Brook will be held again! It's become an annual tradition, now in its 8th year! The bad news is all the tickets are already sold out. I didn't know that until I put this all together and wanted to add the link at the end. So be prepared for next year!

It is the most exciting and enjoyable event I have attended at Stony Brook, and as a former AA E-Zine Editor, I had to cover lots of events, so that is telling you something if I rate this the best. 


Lovely performances by cute kids, cheerful music, and delicious Indian food from Curry Club will save you from your midterms. I'm Chinese and it has also been a great way for me to learn about another culture.


If you're an Indian parent it's a great way for your kids to learn their roots and heritage, and maybe want to join one of the groups performing. If you're not an ABCD, it's a great way to join in with the local Indian community to get a sense of "home".


If you are an international student, I definitely recommend going. It's a wonderful chance to open your eyes and see the diverse society of America from a family perspective, unlike our age-homogenous campus. I have been there 3 times and I will be going again this year!

Check out videos from last year:

Get more info from Diwali Stony Brook website:

and their Facebook page:  

And hopefully with OPT's getting extended, I'll see you there next year!



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