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Chronicle of Higher Ed
Polls Employers;
Here's What They Want of Recent Grads:

Internships and Jobs During College,
Volunteer and Extracurricular Activities.

College Reputation, GPA and Courses
Were ALL at the Bottom of the List





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Writing experience - a skill needed for most employment - even tech companies. Read Fareed Zakaria below on what Jeff Bezos expects in terms of reading by his managers.


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The Thing Employers Look For When Hiring Recent Graduates
- Derek Thompson, The Atlantic, Aug 2014

The Role of Higher Education in Career Development: Employer Perceptions
- Chronicle of Higher Education, Dec 2012

Above graph from Chronicle of Higher Education report

Skill Gaps, Skill Shortages, and Skill Mismatches: Evidence for the US
- Peter Cappelli, National Bureau Economic Research Working Paper, Aug 2014

Why the liberal arts matter by Fareed Zakaria
     I realized coming from India, I was pretty good at taking tests, at regurgitating stuff I had memorized, but not so good at expressing my own ideas. Now I know I'm supposed to say that a liberal education teaches you to think but thinking and writing are inextricably intertwined. When I begin to write, I realize that my "thoughts" are usually a jumble of half-baked, incoherent impulses strung together with gaping logical holes between them.
Whether you're a novelist, a businessman, a marketing consultant or a historian, writing forces you to make choices and it brings clarity and order to your ideas. If you think this has no use, ask Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon.
     Bezos insists that his senior executives write memos - often as long as six printed pages. And he begins senior management meetings with a period of quiet time - sometimes as long as 30 minutes - while everyone reads the memos and makes notes on them.
     Whatever you do in life, the ability to write clearly, cleanly and, I would add, quickly, will prove to be an invaluable skill.

Keynote speech by Fareed Zakaria







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