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ChinaBlue Lantern Festival




by Brandon Loo

March 2017


ChinaBlue's newest event celebrates the end of the Chinese New Year with Lantern Festival!

Held in SAC Ballroom A on March 1st, this festival involved food, games and performances. Traditionally, this is a festival where people light up lanterns and set them afloat to rise towards the heavens. In addition, people solve riddles, eat food with family and friends, and spend the night watching lanterns from all around illuminate the sky.


Rather than lanterns outside on a cold, bitter night, there was a lantern photo 'booth' instead and everyone got to make paper lanterns. There was food and performances throughout the night for all to enjoy. Those who performed included:


The Stony Brook Pipettes

Sayaka Uoyama

Tim Cheung

Stony Brook Breakdancers

Taqrim Sayed and Yikmunn Ong

Jeff and Adi

These performances were complemented with food at the cost of $5 ticket. Food was delivered all the way from Flushing. Guests had the choice of dumplings, tong yuan, lo mein noodles, and steamed buns. For drinks there was a wide assortment of Vitasoy beverages including chrysanthemum tea, lemon tea, ceylon tea, and black soy milk.

Entertainment wise, there were also crafts tables and games for everybody to enjoy. People could braid their own red bracelets with Chinese coins, create their own paper lanterns, and even solve riddles for prizes.

One of the games featured was a fortune lotto game, where participants picked up a colored chopstick from a box of other chopsticks. These colors foretold the amount of luck the participant would receive for the year as well as a corresponding prize:


1. Black meant bad luck and no prize.

2. Blue meant regular luck and the prize was candy.

3. Green meant good luck for a fan.

4. Red meant great luck and a t-shirt.

5. Gold meant the best luck and you got either a plush panda plush or a set of ceramic lucky cats.

It was a great night - brought to the campus by the crew in the top photo - the ChinaBlue Cabinet - and you can check out more photos on the AA E-Zine's Facebook page!


The backdrop
for the photo shots



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