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A Feel Good Evening at Tzu Chi's
Lunar New Year Fest at SBU





by Cindy Wu

March 2017

The afternoon of February 25th was not one of the normal, quiet Saturday's at the Student Activity Center. Instead, it was alive with Tzu Chi members dressed in their blue and white uniforms, modest navy blue qi paos, and suits. The SAC tables were decorated with flowers and chocolates for anyone to take.

Tzu Chi celebrated both the New Year and the opening of the Eastern LI office located just minutes away from the University. The founder of this branch is married to an SBU alumna, and there are several SBU alumni holding office positions in Tzu Chi.

SBU's Dean of International Admissions, Dr Yu-wan Wang,
in center dressed in pink, joined in the festivities.

Tzu Chi opened the event with a candle lighting ceremony. This was followed with a special drum performance, in collaboration with the Tzu Chi Stony Brook Collegiate Association, called Qin Xin Song, and a sign language performance. Afterwards, candles were passed out to the audience and everyone prayed for our family and friends. Finally, Tzu Chi distributed three gifts to everyone: a red envelope, three packs of instant drink powder, and a decorative paper scroll.

Although Tzu Chi was done with their performances and presentations, there was still more to come. Outside organizations and Stony Brook University students were also invited to perform. A lively taiko performance by Ryu Shu Kan Japanese Art Center started the show. Two dances were performed, one rooted in martial arts and the other very elegant. Tzu Chi Academy students performed Chinese yo-yo tricks and ribbon dancing. But we can't forget about Stony Brook University's own stars. Carole Liu and Cheng-Wen Hsu serenaded the crowd with "Over the Rainbow" followed by "Good Life" by One Republic. And if you didn't get enough drumming into your day, DDKY presented a Korean style of drumming.

The show came to a close with a sign language performance of the song "One Family", which is about friendship and love. The audience was asked to follow along with singing and the sign language at their seats. People probably felt a little silly doing it, but it got everyone to smile and feel good.

More photos from the event are on the AA E-Zine Facebook page here.

If you are interested in getting involved in Tzu Chi on campus, check out their club spotlight here.

To reach the new Tzu Chi East LI Branch, you are always welcome to contact June Lee or Ted Lin at 631-964-3393.





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