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An Open Letter to the Community:

As scientists in the First Congressional District involved in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) teaching and/or research, we believe it is of vital importance that you vote for Perry Gershon as your next US Member of Congress on June 26 in the Democratic primary.

Whether working at one end of the district in an incubator or major research institution, mid-western Suffolk has been our home for many years, just as the South Fork in eastern Suffolk has been Perry's home for over twenty years. Congressional District 1 covers both - we share the same aquifer and the same need for clean water. What happens here locally, in our country, and in the world, matters deeply to all of us.

We need Perry in Congress because he believes that facts trump opinions. Perry grew up in an academic family. His parents are both medical researchers at Columbia University. While a student at Yale, Perry was involved in original research as co-investigator on multiple published papers with faculty. He understands at his core that investigation and evidence must win out over demagoguery.

Perry believes in the overwhelming evidence of climate change and its profound effects at every scale, from Long Island to the entire Earth. Unlike Trump and Zeldin, Perry would stay in the Paris Climate Accord and work to help America meet the Accord's goals. Perry holds that expanding markets for innovative clean technologies generates jobs and economic growth. Research at SBU, BNL, and Suffolk incubators can be at the forefront of turning CD 1's economy into one that supports good-paying middle-class jobs that offer our young people the opportunity to stay on Long Island. 

Perry knows that Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, based on scientific study, are made to help and protect every one of us. Yet under Trump, Pruitt and Zeldin, expert scientists are no longer even allowed to provide advice to the EPA, because recipients of EPA grants, who are the most knowledgeable experts, are forbidden from serving on EPA's scientific advisory committees - the bodies that make sure regulations to protect public health and environmental values are based on sound science.

Perry knows that Department of the Interior decisions should benefit the country, not benefit any corporation that wants to exploit our natural resources for its bottom line. We do not need or want offshore oil drilling destroying our pristine coastline and threatening our tourist industry. While Zeldin feigns opposition, his support of Trump has allowed Zinke to move forward to expedite drilling permits.

Perry stands for the Democratic values that we all share: seeking truth and diversity of opinion. Unlike Trump and Zeldin, Perry actually listens. He actively seeks input and advice. His main goal is to solve problems in ways that benefit the greatest number of people.  

On June 26, the Democratic Primary will choose the candidate who will oppose Lee Zeldin in November. We firmly believe Perry Gershon has the intellect, the skills, the fortitude, and the resources to beat Zeldin - a powerful combination that is not matched by any of the other primary candidates.

We ask you to support Perry Gershon, to take back Congress by removing the man who has become Trump's mouthpiece and enabler - Lee Zeldin. On June 26, please stand with us in returning truth to our government's decision making.


Dr. Stephen Baines   

Dr. Douglas Futuyma  

Dr. Nancy Goroff

Dr. Barry McCoy

Dr. Lorna Role           

Dr. Gene Sprouse       


NY State and US federal employees are not allowed to use their titles and positions in anything that is considered partisan politics. This is to ensure that voters do not think the institution they work for is supporting the candidate. The names above do not imply any institutional support from their employer.

If you would like to add your name in support, please contact Barry McCoy at 631-751-6437 or 

18 Woods Corner Road
Setauket, New York 11733















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