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Loida Nicholas Lewis Endorses
Perry Gershon for Congress




Congressional candidate Perry Gershon with Loida Lewis

                                                                                                                           Photo by Karl Bach





Ja Young, Alumni Editor
Oct 10, 2018

Loida Nicholas Lewis, successful businesswoman, philanthropist, and matriarch of the Filipino American community nationwide, has thrown her support behind Perry Gershon, candidate for the First Congressional District (CD-1) in New York.


At a gathering in her home on Lily Pond Lane in East Hampton on June 9th, the second of three gatherings Loida held for him, she told her guests what had made her choose Perry. "The more I found out about him, the more I said, he is the man."


Gershon thought Loida's introduction was one of the best anyone has ever given him. With a delightfully humorous edge to her words, Loida spoke of Gershon as only an Asian American 'mom' could.


The link to the full video of Loida's introduction is below. Here are a few of her memorable lines.

Perry is a man who is smart enough to change course when he knows that the course he is going on is not the right one for him... His parents wanted him to be a doctor so yes, as a dutiful son, he was going to be a doctor. But the last year before he graduated, he said, 'This is not for me'. So he quit. That takes courage.


And what did he do? He started the first sports bar in New York - again - breaking open.... very successful.



But as he was doing that he knew, as a doctor, as a scientist, you need to be doing more than just looking at the bottom line... Are we in the red, are we in the black? So in 1994, after Yale ... he wanted to study for his MBA, to know what is it to be in business. And he did that.



After that, he started on another course... He started a loan company... He gave 20,000 loans in 25 years... about $4 billion of them...  he was able to give jobs indirectly... because by giving loans to contractors or building owners... he was helping people to get jobs.


So his mind was able to take all these complicated things and put them towards one - very successful real estate financing... and during that time you know how many foreclosures he had? 2009, 2010, 2011? He was able to negotiate to see that his clients did not foreclose.


In 25 years only 2 foreclosures... as opposed to the other one, 45 [Trump], who declared bankruptcy four times and brought many small businesses to bankruptcy too.


So why did I say he is the man to beat Lee Zeldin? Well first, he can afford it. It's going to be very expensive... You can't be spending all of your time trying to get money from here and there to fight Lee Zeldin.


Secondly, he knows how to negotiate. Business part, corporation part, social part, because he's a successful business man. 


And thirdly, because he has a heart, that he is able to do something different from his previous life. So he's not a politician and that's a plus. You need money, you need intelligence, and you need a heart. And so I give you our candidate, Perry Gershon!


Why Perry Gershon
is the best choice

Video of Loida Lewis
introducing and endorsing
Perry Gershon


Who is Perry Gershon?

Like most Americans, for many years Perry Gershon was absent from politics except for voting. Just before college he worked on Teddy Kennedy's Presidential campaign, and four years later on Gary Hart's, but after graduation from Yale he went on with his life - med school, UC Berkeley MBA, building a career and a family.

Sometimes it takes a radical change in what most consider "the norm" for everyone to realize they need to do more than show up at their polling place on Election Day. For Perry, that realization came during the summer of 2016. He was in Washington, DC visiting the Holocaust Museum with his son, Logan. As he looked at the exhibit of 1930's Germany, he was struck by how similar it was to the things he was hearing and seeing at Trump rallies - the racism, the vilification of the press, the targeting of "others".   

Then Donald Trump became President-elect.
Trump's election was Perry's "call to arms". He believed that he could not sit idly by as our democratic ideals and principles were denigrated. As a successful businessman, he was able to take stock of his place in life and wanted to make a difference. He resigned as a partner in his business to run for office, a suggestion made at a fundraiser by Kirsten Gillibrand.

Gershon's childhood hero was Bobby Kennedy, and he tried to get Teddy Kennedy elected. He views himself in that Kennedy 'Camelot' mold. He is the classic American Dream poster child. He did not inherit his wealth. He's smart and ethical and created a commercial real estate finance business that helped other businesses stay afloat and kept people employed. He wants to bring his ability to bring people together to Washington to help bring America together.

He gave up his career for two other important reasons that are extremely vital in this election. He knew he could use his own resources to challenge the dark money that Zeldin will get from Mercer and the gun lobby. And he is letting voters know that when he is in office, having his own resources means he won't be beholden to any lobbyists and PAC donors. His only loyalty will be to the people who live in his District - his constituents.  

Perry Gershon views this election as the most important in America's history. "Donald Trump represents the existential threat on American values. If the Democrats don't take back the House, he's going to declare victory, and then God only knows what's going to happen after that. It won't be more of the same, it will be worse."

Below are links to hear Perry and his positions on many issues, produced by the campaign and others.

While New York is a blue state (solidly Democratic) - Suffolk County is a swing part of it. So if everyone who really cares about where our country is headed goes to the polls on November 6th - remember that "all politics is local" - Perry Gershon will be our next Member of Congress. Do your part to make sure he is!


Perry Gershon : Facebook Page


Perry Gershon : Official Website


TASC: Taking Action Suffolk County Video on Healthcare


TASC: The Bear in the Woods
Russia's Involvement in America's Elections


Who is Loida Lewis?

For those outside of the Filipino American community, who is Loida Lewis?

Loida Nicolas Lewis
 served as Chair and CEO of TLC Beatrice International, then a $2 billion multinational food company with operations all across Europe, from 1994-2000, after the death of her husband, Reginald Lewis, in 1993. At its peak in 1996, TLC Beatrice was number 512 on Fortune magazine's list of of 1000 largest companies. Lewis liquidated the firm and is currently Chair and CEO of TLC Beatrice, LLC, a family investment firm, and the head of the RFL Foundation, supporting educational institutions in the US and the Philippines.


A lawyer by profession, admitted to practice in the Philippines and New York, Lewis was the first Asian American to pass the New York State Bar (in 1974) without attending law school in the United States. Lewis earned a law degree from the University of the Philippines College of Law and was admitted to the Philippine Bar in 1968.

Lewis is a philanthropist and a leader of the Filipino American community. She is one of the founders of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA), the largest advocacy group for Filipino Americans in the United States, and was its Chair (2002-2006). She is also one of the founders of Asian American Legal Defense & Education Fund (AALDEF).

The above are edited excerpts from Loida's Facebook page and Wikipedia.


What are the election figures behind Trump's win?

Most Americans believed that with his racist, misogynistic history and wildly exaggerated claims, Trump would never win over the hearts and minds of most Americans. And in reality, he didn't. The popular vote - i.e. the majority of Americans - voted for Hillary Clinton. But with the archaic system the U.S. uses to choose its President - Trump won the Electoral College by winning in swing states.

Sadly too, only a bare majority of eligible voters, 55.4%, even voted. The other 44.6% didn't - either out of apathy or the now well documented voter suppression. (Even Brooklyn was fined for illegally removing 117,000 mostly low income, people of color, millennial voters from the rolls, never mind what red states like Wisconsin did.) Only about 27% of American voters actively chose Trump, yet his tweets embarrass us daily and the rest if the world views his access to the nuclear codes with alarm.



The Bottom Line

If CD-1 Democrats, independents, and even moderate Republicans who are horrified at the turn our country has taken, all come out in unprecedented numbers to vote and elect Perry Gershon on November 6th, the dark Mercer money trying to keep CD-1 in Lee Zeldin's hands will not be enough. Good will triumph over the racism and misogyny that Trump's puppet, Lee Zeldin, endorses. 


Vote on Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Vote for Perry Gershon
Vote for progressive change!




STEM Researchers Endorsement of Perry Gershon
During Primary 2018












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