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David Chen and Oliver Hao Li in the Charles B. Wang Asian American Center, taking photos
for the P.H. Tuan Photography Contest, 2009.  Photo by Thomas Zhenxiao Lei




AA E-Zine has multiple photo galleries
with over a hundred thousand photos,
plus videos on its website and YouTube.


Gallery 1
Photos from 2002 until 2014.

Hosting company changed servers and
somehow could not figure out how to
let us regain access to upload photos.


Gallery 2
Photos from 2014 to present but...

This was gallery chosen to replace Gallery 1
but using it has proven difficult, so often
photos are put on Facebook and not here.
We're searching for a new gallery than can
be downloaded onto our server.


Facebook Albums
Photos from 2015 to present...

Quality is not as good because Facebook
compresses them but given that 20mg photos
are now the norm on many cameras, can't blame
them since albums chew up so much server space. 


Videos from 2015 to present...



Videos on AA E-Zine Websites,
in Storage, etc. etc. etc...
For over ten years all videos were on tape and
converted and YouTube didn't really exist. Some
are on our servers, some are on the Apple drives
no one knows how to access, and if there is a video
editor out there who would love to put together
things like all the Asian Nights, China Nights,
K-Nights, PUSO Fests, whatever since 2002 -
please contact the Zine at!


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